AIP Education launches all day long Test Preparation Classes | AIP Education

We are happy to announce all day Test Preparation classes at our Kathmandu Office starting 7 am till 5 pm for IELTS as well PTE. Trusted by 1000 + students each year, Test preparation department at AIP boasts its highly experienced faculty, ultramodern classrooms, crisp study material, a well equipped library, computer based teaching methodology and mock testing, individual attention, analysis of strengths and weaknesses and much more. We prepare students for both IELTS as well as PTE in a 45 days scientifically designed course of which goes from Monday to Friday every week with flexible timings. We offer both Computer and Paper based courses. Every week, we conduct real mock up test conducted and evaluated by our Foreign Instructor. Test preparation at AIP is really exciting and is all about understanding and delivering the best for “YOU” !

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