Murdoch University Launches Student Assistance Fund
murdoch university launches student assistance fund

Murdoch University Launches Student Assistance Fund

8th April 2020

Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia

Murdoch University is now accepting applications for the Student Assistance Fund which will be open from 1 pm next Tuesday 14 April and will remain open until close of business on Friday 17 April.

Developed in close consultation with the Murdoch Guild, the Student Assistance Fund is one part of the Student Support Package designed to deliver assistance to students who have lost employment, cannot access other forms of support, and are at the greatest risk of suffering financial hardship.

More information about how to access other elements of the Student Support Package, including access to the $100 technology bursary and support for the Guild Food Bank, is currently being developed and will be shared as soon as possible.

More information about what you need to apply and where to submit your application can be found in student emails and University website:

Students are encouraged to seek support when needed: