A strategy building Master Class for SAT-IELTS-TOEFL-PTE



Mr. Habin Basnet

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Mr. Manoj Singh

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Let’s understand more about our test preparation philosophy

With two stalwarts of the industry mentoring the students, preparing for IELTS, SAT, TOEFL, and PTE at AIP Education is a totally different proposition.

We can assure you that our classes will have an enriching influence and help you achieve your academic goals.

To make certain that students who come to AIP Education receive the best of everything we have to offer, we have collaborated with two of the finest teachers in Nepal.

In our quest for academic excellence, we have to overcome many hurdles on the way. We need to be guided by the right person and have the proper atmosphere for our potential to blossom.

At AIP Education that is exactly what we will be delivered to students. Teachers are not great because they have the knowledge. They become great when they can share that knowledge in a way that students can easily grasp what is being told.

With nearly two decades of experience, our instructors are well-equipped to give students that EXTRA bit of edge to master the technique of giving the exam.

AIP Education also takes pride in providing the best classroom experience to our students. Not only do we have well-facilitated classrooms but also the study materials that students require.

Moreover, our instructors will be providing students with original questions which will further help stimulate your learning acumen. And not to forget our spacious but cozy library which is accessible to students to sit down, brainstorm, practice and achieve what you set out for.


Accreditation & Memberships

Our Experts will help you with :

Pre-Departure Guidelines

Our job doesn't end with your successful visa grant rather it begins from there. We give proper pre-departure guideline​s​ to ​students using tools like FAQ's , Student guidelines and prepare them for any foreseeable problems after the visa has been approved.


We assist students to face and prepare for University interviews which can be a key part of admission application across various Universities and destinations​. We do conduct mock interviews and give ready guidelines to our students.

Documentation Guidelines

AIP offers students a detailed and step-by-step guidance regarding the documents that a student requires for a particular destination along with guiding students on how to obtain these relevant documents to smoothen their application process.

University Application Assistance

We help your select the perfect Institution for you and also assist you at each stage of your admission application process. Students are notified via email and sms service about their application updates.​

Student Counseling

Our team of expert and experienced counselors offer counseling​ services to students so that we can understand your and your preferred career choice ​ and suggest you the best fit.​