Pre-Departure Guidelines - AIP Education


Once your Student Visa application is approved, we understand that feeling! That excitement level to get there!

However, you still have a few things to take care of. It is necessary to follow proper pre-departure guidelines to ward off any foreseeable problems.

Preparation Before You Leave Your Home Country

  • Decide what to take along to the destination (make a list of all essentials)
  • Plan your finances.
  • Know what to expect when you arrive.
  • Know the health checks you may need to take to enter the destination.
  • Know the weather conditions

Get Information About Your Institution

  • Take note of orientation and enrollment dates.
  • Remember important academic dates.
  • Become familiar with Institute policies and procedures.

Get To Know Your New Surroundings

  • Find out about what is available on and near the campus.
  • Find out about what are the opportunities available nearby and how you can get involved.

Book Your Airline Ticket

AIP Education can help you book your airline ticket. Booking airline tickets should be done as soon as you have accepted your place at your proposed institution, as seats are in heavy demand prior to the start of the Semester/trimester.

Please ensure you allow sufficient time for your visa application to be processed so you can arrive at your institute in time to attend orientation.

Students must be present for the full duration of the orientation program.