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Your path to UTS

When you take advantage of Remote Learning at UTS Insearch, you can fast-track to your UTS degree. On successful completion of a diploma, you can (in many cases) move directly into second-year of the corresponding UTS undergraduate degree. Why put your
future on hold?

Same quality curriculum
With remote learning at UTS Insearch, you can be assured of the same quality curriculum delivered in our face-to-face classes. Designed in collaboration with UTS, our diploma courses lead to the same educational outcomes as first-year UTS courses while the UTS
Foundation Studies prepares you for any undergraduate course at UTS. Our courses set you up for a smooth transition to UTS. If you’re studying our English Language programs, you
can also be assured that we are delivering a leading curriculum specially designed to get you ready for success at university and beyond.

‘Real-time’ classes
Unlike ‘online learning’ which is usually self-directed at your own pace, the interactive Remote Learning classes at UTS Insearch are taught in real-time with monitoring
and feedback to students on performance. To ensure personal attention, tutorial sizes at UTS Insearch are limited to small groups of no more than 20 students. Remote Learning classes may also be recorded, so they’re available for review later if you want to revisit some ideas and topics.

Same strong support
Our Remote Learning students experience the same high level of support UTS Insearch is known for. These include one-on-one tutorials, study-skills workshops, and dedicated Study Success Advisers to keep you on track. We also have processes and technology in place
to identify when students may need extra help this ensures you receive support to stay on track. We are here every step of the way to help you succeed in your remote learning.

UTS & Insearch have put in a lot of efforts to bring our remote learning system as close as possible, to the conventional classroom teaching, we all are used to.

Remote learning at UTS Insearch goes beyond the usual video lessons, which most universities & colleges are using. Below are some of the salient features of the Remote Learning System:

  • Canvas Learning Management System – for collaborative learning, additional study resources, scheduling etc
  • Dedicated Study Advisers – to help students, be on track, to support students in their academic journey.
  • Same high-quality curriculum – to ensure smooth transition to UTS
  • Zoom & Ring Central – for live video lectures with immediate & personalized feedback
  • Step-by-step guides – to learn how to use the resources
  • Comprehensive Tech Support – for student-focused & responsive professional IT support.

For additional details we advise all interested students to get in touch with AIP Counselors over any of the digital media platforms or call us at +977 9851141651. You can also visit UTS Insearch website at

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