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The biggest decision you will ever make is leaving home to pursue a degree abroad.

There are numerous top nations where students can study for high-quality education. Australia comes out as one of the greatest among these countries.

It has recently been the top choice for many international students looking to pursue high-quality education abroad.

Australia has one of the top educational systems in the world, in addition to which Nepali students can benefit from the country’s nice climate, prestigious colleges and universities, high-quality education, high incomes, and few immigration limitations.

Every year, around 300,000 students from over 100 countries across the world are found heading to study in Australia from Nepal for their further education.

Why Choose Australia?  

Currently, Australia is currently the third most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world behind the UK and the United States.

Many international students choose to study in Australia because of the cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of education.

The massively famous Lord of the Rings set of three was recorded there, allowing Americans an opportunity to see the stupendous landscape of that nation.

In its super southern districts, it is suggestive of the Pacific Northwest with regards to geography, fauna, and environment.

Both of these previous jewels of the old British Empire are optimal spots for those wishing to concentrate abroad.

Australia is adequately comparable to the States to be serenely recognizable, yet unique enough to be extraordinary, to some degree socially.

Check out this link to find various reasons why you should choose Australia as your study destination:

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In this article, we’ve gathered the necessary information as to why Australia is the best choice for Nepali students interested in studying abroad for 2023.

Why Is Australia Such A Safe Country?

Australia is a safe, friendly, sophisticated, and harmonious society in which students can learn and travel.

People from almost every aspect of the world reside here. Students can be a part of a multicultural environment and cultural activities.

Employers and universities all over the world recognize Australian degrees and other certificates.

Graduates from Australia are successful in finding jobs and holding prominent positions worldwide.

Australia’s standard of living is amongst the highest in the world.

Living expenses and tuition costs are considerably lower in Australia than they are in the United States and the United Kingdom.

It is also home to 43 Universities in total with 40 Public, 2 International, and 1 Private University.

Out of which 10 Australian universities are enlisted in the top 50 universities in the world.

Since Australian Universities are some of the top-ranked in the world, it’s no surprise that they offer a multitude of different degrees and majors.

Australia has five of the 30 best cities in the world for students based on student mix, affordability, quality of life, and employer activity.

The sheer number of cultures that abound offers the chance to step outside of your usual comfort zone and experience something new and feel a sense of belonging in the multicultural setting.

It is a young, vibrant, and friendly country offering high-quality standard education and exciting lifestyles.

How Much Does It Cost To Study In Australia From Nepal?

There are several reasons why Australia has drawn the attention of Nepali students, but its lifestyle is by far the most appealing. 

Studying in Australia from Nepal is still a more affordable alternative for students than it is in any other country, which adds to the excellence of the Australian educational system. 

We have provided the average costs of various study levels in Australia as a guideline:

Education type Average tuition Average Units
Bachelor’s Degree AUD $20,000 – $45,000 per year 24 units
Master’s Degree AUD $22,000 – $50,000 per year 12 units
Doctoral Degree AUD $20,000 – $42,000 per year 24 – 36 units
MBA AUD $11,000 – $121,000 per year 16 units


  • Tuition costs at Australian institutions are calculated based on the number of units you enroll in.
  • A course’s annual fee is equal to the price of two semesters of full-time study (8 units).
  • While a full year typically consists of two semesters, studying during the Australian summer may allow you to complete three semesters (Dec-Feb).

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Best Place To Study In Australia From Nepal

best place to study in australia from nepal

Some of the best cities in the world in terms of higher education and living standards are found in Australia.

You can study at prestigious universities with top-notch academic programs or enjoy a highly diverse environment in Australia, but you can also experience a colorful city life that is enhanced by beautiful scenery.

The finest cities for students include Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, and Gold Coast, which provide a wide range of attractions and top-notch universities.

Documents Required To Study In Australia From Nepal 

Without the necessary papers, the Visa procedure for Australia can be seriously hampered or you might be refused entry to Australia.  

The preparation of the required paperwork requires a lot of time and care. Therefore, be sure to complete your documents well in advance and avoid waiting until the last minute to avoid any unwanted problems. 

We have provided the list of the documents that are required to study in Australia for Nepali students (source: Study Australia Government 2022). 

  • A valid passport
  • Your visa application fee
  • Letter of Offer from University/College
  • Confirmation of Enrolment (COE
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) 
  • Academic Documents 
  • Work experience documents (if any)
  • Marriage certificate (If married) 
  • Proof of your English proficiency skills (such as IELTS test scores) 
  • Proof of financial ability (tuition fees, living expenses, expenses for dependents, return airfare)
  • Information about your health insurance policy (OSHC)
  • Passport-sized photographs

Popular Courses To Study In Australia From Nepal

Australia offers a wide range of relatively affordable and high-quality tuition opportunities.

Due to its internationally recognized courses, cultural diversity, welcoming people, and high standard of living.  It is one of the most desirable study destinations in the world.

Mind you that the work chances are directly related to your academic program. In fact, Australian universities are rated among the best. 

And you would discover educational programs that are more employment-oriented and create opportunities for work. 

Besides education, Australia has very good accommodations for international students.

Furthermore, We have provided the top courses that Nepali students study in Australia, which combine a variety of skills that will help you find a job and improve your chances of obtaining permanent residency.

List Of Top Courses To Study In Australia: 

  • Accountancy
  • Medicine
  • Agricultural sciences
  • Computing and IT
  • Business Management
  • Nursing
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Psychology 
  • Hospitality
  •  Social Work

English Proficiency Exam To Study In Australia

Likewise, International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the English language exam that is most frequently recognized in Australia.

In addition to this, the Australian educational system also recognizes different exams like the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the C1 Advanced exam (CAE), and the Pearson Test of English (PTE).

Be sure, that you are aware of the criteria in your applied university to be prepared in advance and avoid any uncertainties.


According to The Times Higher Education, World University Rankings 2021 (the biggest and most diversified university ranking to date).

There as many as 13 Australian universities are listed among the top 200 educational institutions worldwide.

Therefore, As a result, the nation provides one of the most renowned centers for high-class excellence in education, research, and leadership. you can contact aip education for more study abroad information.

As well as hundreds of scholarships to make your studies and life easier and provide you the opportunity to be trained with fantastic facilities and resources, etc.

Bonus Tip: Therefore, If you are looking for extra support in your international student journey.

Therefore, At AIP Education, we will accurately and confidently advise you on the application procedure and all the required information to ease your work and unpuzzle your queries. 

I hope you guys found your answers regarding the information to study in Australia from Nepal in 2023 from this article. Thank you!  

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