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PTE Preparation In Nepal

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is an English language test that measures the ability of non-native speakers to communicate in English.

PTE is a tricky test that challenges your ability to search deeper into your knowledge of English. It is a never-ending process to evolve and grow, taking you on a beautiful journey as the destination.

You are never in the wrong place to start right. PTE is really very advantageous exam and results come in your mail even before you wake up the next day.

Every year thousands of students from Nepal try their luck to study abroad with the ambition of to work visas or getting settled down in those places.

The PTE Academic is a computer-based test that is taken at a secure Pearson Test Centre and will take you around 3 hours to complete.

As we all know, English is a universal language that everyone is trying to learn and speak fluently across the globe. The PTE Academic test can be taken in 84 countries at over 200 locations worldwide.

Why Take The PTE Academic Exam?

All students who wish to study abroad are required to take the PTE Academic Exam, often known as the Pearson Test of English.

The test is intended to evaluate candidates’ listening, reading, and writing abilities in English. The PTE grading is entirely objective and devoid of any human biases, unlike the traditional grading method, which is powered by AI technology.

Here are some reasons to select the PTE Exam:

Professional Associations in elite universities accept unlimited score submissions.

  1. High Flexibility
  2. Quick Results
  3. suitable for visas
  4. Real Life Language
  5. Safety

Why PTE Preparation With AIP Education?

The test preparation program at AIP, which earns the trust of over a thousand students each year, is proud of its highly qualified teachers, state-of-the-art classrooms, and top-notch study guides.

The use of computers in the classroom, mock exams, individualized attention, assessment of strengths and weaknesses, and many other things.

We train students for both the IELTS and the PTE in a 45-day course that is flexible in time and is scientifically structured to run from Monday through Friday.

Both computer-based and paper-based courses are available.

Therefore, We perform a real mock test every week that is graded by our foreign instructor.

Format Of PTE Exam (PTE Preparation In Nepal):-

#1. Speaking

Please keep on speaking when describing an image or graph. Say at least 3 sentences.

#2. Listening

Write on a notepad what you hear, if not all but at least the starting topic, and then summarize in your own words.

#3. Reading

You must manage time, last questions carry heavy marks, type what you feel is right if confused or in a dilemma, it has negative points. For better habits, you must make a habit to read newspapers and magazines.

#4. Writing

Practice summary writing and write below 75 words ending with a full stop. Write in your own words by paraphrasing the words and sentences.

Reduce the use of personal pronouns. 200-300 word essay, please keep track and be to the point what is asked brief your ideas.

We advise taking 2 official mock tests from the Pearson website.

PTE Exam Registration

How Can I Register For The PTE Exam?

Follow these easy steps to register for your PTE Exam.

  • Visit the Pearson official website- PTE Academic website
  • Create an account.
  • Get your login credentials within 48 hours of creating the account.
  • Find your nearest PTE center. 
  • Book your slot by searching for PTE dates in Nepal and selecting a suitable date.

Finally, We have our own PTE Experts. You can take up the best PTE course with AIP Education and get properly trained for your Exam

Our Experts will help you with :

Pre-Departure Guidelines

Our job doesn't end with your successful visa grant rather it begins from there. We give proper pre-departure guideline​s​ to ​students using tools like FAQ's , Student guidelines and prepare them for any foreseeable problems after the visa has been approved.


We assist students to face and prepare for University interviews which can be a key part of admission application across various Universities and destinations​. We do conduct mock interviews and give ready guidelines to our students.

Documentation Guidelines

AIP offers students a detailed and step-by-step guidance regarding the documents that a student requires for a particular destination along with guiding students on how to obtain these relevant documents to smoothen their application process.

University Application Assistance

We help your select the perfect Institution for you and also assist you at each stage of your admission application process. Students are notified via email and sms service about their application updates.​

Student Counseling

Our team of expert and experienced counselors offer counseling​ services to students so that we can understand your and your preferred career choice ​ and suggest you the best fit.​