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It was a great experience for me to take a PTE-A with AIP which offers an ideal learning place. The atmosphere here is so nice and conducive for the learning process. The teachers are great and proactive in encouraging students to reach their target.

Bibek Giri

70 band (Overall) PTE

It was great being with AIP education family and their support during the whole period of time from the IELTS exam preparation to departure in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. I got an overall score of 7 with 8.5 in reading, 7.5 in listening, 6 in writing, and 6 in speaking. Entire process was made easy and convenient by AIP education family. However, there is always need of your role in doing any thing. Personally, there was a short time in processing, however support from the AIP education, made it possible. So if you want to apply for study abroad. AIP education is one of the best consultancies to apply where you can find lots of helping hands to make the desired outcome happen along with warm environment and support . Once again thank you very much, AIP Education family

Sachit Gurung

Graduate Certificate in Health Care, Canadore College, North Bay, Canada

My cousin sister suggested me to join AIP for Test preparation and counseling for Australia. Test preparation classes at AIP Education, played a key role in my success. They provided students with laptops which had PTE practice materials and headsets, they even have their own library in which we could practice any time of the day. AIP Education, surely does provide a healthy environment to the students with smart classrooms which makes it a lot easier for us to practice. Special mention and a big thank you to Mrs. Gibson, who was so helpful throughout my classes. Her jolly and open personality made my morning class even more interesting. She would help me after classes and give me tips and tricks on how to get a reasonable score. I have also applied for my student visa application with the help of Mr. Sujan Thapa, who helped me to choose the right University and program for me. I would definitely recommend AIP to students who are considering Study abroad.

Ayumi Shrestha

73 band (Overall) PTE

I did a lot of research before deciding to study at Murdoch, one of the most elite and well-known institutions in Australia. Focused on providing a quality education, Murdoch nurtures and moulds its students into professionals. Apart from being one of the top institutions, Murdoch also has the best atmosphere one could possibly dream of. The amazing infrastructure accompanied by state-of-art-facilities speaks volumes about its prominent existence in Australia. Perth is a fairly small city with beautiful suburbs, and I've really enjoyed living in such a peaceful area with some beautiful natural landmarks. I've also loved getting to know different people from diverse communities and attending different events organised by the University with my friends. I've enjoyed every bit of my Murdoch experience!

Shova Kandel

Master of Professional Accounting, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia

I came to India to pursue my dream of becoming a Computer Science Engineer at Chandigarh University and eventually fetching a job in a reputed company. By the time I finished my graduation I had multiple job offers from Top multinational companies. Currently, I am working as Security Analyst in my dream company IBM. Thank you Chandigarh University !

Asmin Bhujel

Computer Science Engineering, Chandigarh University, India

I always aspired to have an international degree and AIP played the role of the bridge to fulfill my dreams and turn them into reality. The right information and professional counseling made every decision easier for me. AIP is certainly best platform for career counseling.

Deeran Nepal

Bachelor of Information Technology, Victoria University, Sydney, Australia

I am thankful to AIP for their contribution in success of my Visa and career. I still remember the days when I had a bunch of doubts regarding my visa Process of USA but the support provided by team member is truly commendable and I really feel that I choose right consultancy for my student visa process of USA.

Shushil Kathiwada

Bachelor in Fine Arts, Castleton University, Castleton, USA

I strongly recommend AIP to the perspective students looking for Study Abroad. With their vast experience and extensive knowledge about educational opportunities available in USA helped me choose the best University and course of my interest. I feel against my 100% effort and interest, they have contributed 200% for my visa success.

Shiwangi Koirala

Bachelor of Business Administration, Castleton University, Castleton, USA

Right after my +2 I decided to move Australia for my higher education but I was unfamiliar with the admission process and was in dilemma on how to start. After stepping into AIP all my confusions and doubts were clarified. They made the entire process so simple for me to understand , right form University, course selection till my visa and departure they guided my at every step.

Tshering Lhaki

Master of Human Resources Management, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia

I recommend AIP to all the students who are looking to pursue their higher education abroad. I did a deep research about their services and team before I visited them. After my visit to their office I was confident that I was in right hands and felt they are popular for all the right reasons. The entire journey of abroad study from initial counseling till visa success and departure was possible through AIP

Swosti Shreshtha

Master of Information Technology, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia

My mentor in AIP guided me for admission in Australia. Entire team of AIP is very helpful and have cordial approach. My confusion and doubts were cleared instantly and provided me with enough choices of destinations and Universities according to my desired interest.

Pema Chokey

Master of Human Resources Management, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia

At AIP I was never treated as student, but rather as a friend. I was made aware of everything about the process and progress through entire admission and Visa Process. The role that AIP played was beyond my expectation.

Niraj KC

Master of Information Technology, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia

I decided to choose AIP for my Test Preparation classes after I was told by a friend about their quality and I am extremely happy with my decision. I am very much satisfied with the teaching methods and how they encourage and guide each student personally. In a whole it’s an ideal place where you can learn to progress and succeed.

Alina Karki

7 Band (Overall), IELTS

I joined AIP Education, I was not very confident about my English skills but within a few weeks of starting my classes my confidence level went to the next level. .AIP has skilled teachers and regular mock test with analysis helped me Identifying and correcting my mistakes which lead to my success .

Sapan Acharya

7 Band (Overall), IELTS

I felt very happy with the class environment, teaching methodology and crisp study material provided by AIP education during my IELTS preparation. I would like to thank all the staff members, teachers and especially the Test preparation department of AIP because of which I was able to do well in my test.

Usha Bhandari

6.5 Band (Overall), IELTS

The result of my IELTS exam made a huge impact on my future career progression and I believe choosing AIP for preparing my IELTS was probably one of my best decisions. The motivation and support I got from teachers and staff at AIP is highly appreciable. Kudos to AIP Education !

Saurav Bhattarai

7.5 Band (Overall), IELTS

AIP has really helped me in shaping my future by providing me the right mentorship in choosing one of the best universities in Australia. It wouldn’t have been possible with the guidance of AIP.

Parvat Mabo

Master of Information Technology, Charles Sturt University Study Center, Sydney, Australia

I am very much satisfied and glad that I chose AIP for my Study abroad plan. Their continuous support and guidance made me chase my dream of studying Engineering in Australia. I believe each and every student will find their way to success through AIP.

Sunil Shreshtha

Master of Engineering Management, Central Queensland Univeristy, Sydney, Australia


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