Best Consultancy In Nepal For Canada - A Complete 2023 Guide

Its pertinent to mention that Canada is considered to be the most educated country with over half of its residents are having college degrees.

As many as 20,0000 students choose to Study in Canada each year as their further education destination.

Canadian Institutions offer an excellent quality of education and don’t fail to impress on Technical innovations with an affordable fee when compared to their counterparts.

The country is also cherished for promoting multicultural diversity and creating a welcoming environment.

It makes sure the people’s customs and traditions are well-maintained and their dignities are respected.


1. Top-ranked universities

Canadian Education is recognized worldwide for its quality, from elementary school to post-secondary studies.

Highly trained educators bring diverse perspectives to the classroom. Five Canadian universities were ranked in 2018 in the top 100 best universities in the world according to the Times Higher Education World University Ratings.

2. Internationally recognized degrees.

Canadian college and university diplomas are recognized around the world.

The Canadian educational system encourages cross-disciplinary studies and the development of transferable skills i.e (critical thinking, teamwork, and communications) and uses cutting-edge technology and digital media.

3. Affordable Tuition Fee

Canada is known for having some of the lowest university tuition fees among English-speaking countries.

Whatever your budget may be, you’ll find something just right for you in our diverse range of education options.

We advise you to research the cost of post-secondary programs and living expenses in the city or town of your choice so you can prepare your budget.

4. Opportunity to work during and after graduation

One of the major advantages of studying in Canada is the work opportunities while studying in Canada.

Most international students in Canada can work for up to 20 hours per week, and full-time during scheduled breaks, without a work permit.

Working while studying can help you support yourself and meet new people, all while building the connections and experience that could make you stand out in your job hunt later on.

If you complete your studies in an eligible program at an eligible Canadian post-secondary institution, international graduates can apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit, which allows them to work in Canada post studies too.

5. Safe Environment

Canada is very ‘warm and friendly. When you come to Canada, you’ll find a welcoming country with a uniquely Canadian culture that embraces diversity.

From urban centers to small towns, Canada is considered one of the safest countries in the world for international students.

6. High Employment rate

Canadian college and university students graduate with a strong earning potential and employability that surely because of the high quality of education,

And teaching methodologies used to result in a successful future and rewarding career.

In the last decade alone, Canada created 1.6 million new jobs for graduates.

5. Enjoy excellent quality of life

When it comes to quality of life, Canadians and their international students enjoy a high standard of living.

It’s a great place to live and work. In fact, Canada is ranked number 1 in the world when it comes to quality of life.

According to the World University Rankings, Canada also has 5 of the top 100 best student cities in the world.

Canada boasts an enviable quality of life, with a cost of living (e.g., housing, transportation, tuition) that is lower than in other countries.

Such as the US, France, and the UK and offers safety, stability, and respect for the rights of individuals and communities.

If you want to study in Canada from Nepal then AIP Education is the best choice for you.

AIP Education

Our Experts will help you with :

Pre-Departure Guidelines

Our job doesn't end with your successful visa grant rather it begins from there. We give proper pre-departure guideline​s​ to ​students using tools like FAQ's , Student guidelines and prepare them for any foreseeable problems after the visa has been approved.


We assist students to face and prepare for University interviews which can be a key part of admission application across various Universities and destinations​. We do conduct mock interviews and give ready guidelines to our students.

Documentation Guidelines

AIP offers students a detailed and step-by-step guidance regarding the documents that a student requires for a particular destination along with guiding students on how to obtain these relevant documents to smoothen their application process.

University Application Assistance

We help your select the perfect Institution for you and also assist you at each stage of your admission application process. Students are notified via email and sms service about their application updates.​

Student Counseling

Our team of expert and experienced counselors offer counseling​ services to students so that we can understand your and your preferred career choice ​ and suggest you the best fit.​



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