Australian Student Visa Interview Questions and Answers - AIP Education

The holder of an Australian student visa is allowed to reside and pursue their education there. One must apply for an Australian student visa if they have been accepted to a degree at an Australian university or educational institution. Each and every application for an Australian student visa is given the name of a case officer who performs a GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) evaluation. The candidate is granted a visa based on how well they perform in this evaluation during the process, the case officer may call for the applicants/ spouse as well.

The assessment is conducted in the form of an interview,, with sample questions and answers listed below:

1. What is the purpose of your trip? 

The case officer is verifying the information submitted in the visa application form. State the purpose of your trip (for example, I plan on studying in Australia).

2. Why do you wish to study in Australia? 

For this question, the case officer wants to know why you picked Australia over other choices. Provide a clear and well-thought-out answer to the question, listing reasons why Australia appealed to you over other options.

3. Are you planning to live in Australia after your course ends? 

For this question, the case officer is trying to verify if your main aim in settling in Australia. Make it clear that you will be returning home after your course and back it up with strong reasons.

4. Do you plan to continue studying in Australia after your present course ends? 

Provide an honest answer to this question (for example, if you have not decided yet, communicate this through your answer).

5. What course have you applied for? 

For this question, the case officer is seeking to verify the information submitted in the application form. Mention the name of the course you plan on pursuing (such as Masters in Geology/bachelor’s in chemistry).

6. Why have you chosen this particular course? 

The case officer is interested in the reasoning behind your choice of major and if you intend to pursue it seriously or are merely using it as a pretext to immigrate to Australia. Your response should demonstrate your willingness to take the course and the thinking behind your decision.

7. Tell me a little about your course and subject. 

Through this question, the case officer wants to test your interest and motives behind applying for the course. Provide a brief overview of your course and its structure.

8. Why have you picked an Australian college/university? Can’t you do this course in your home country? 

The case officer wants to make sure that the justification for wanting to study in Australia is accurate. Give an explanation of your decision to study in Australia and why you believe it to be a superior option.

9. How long will your course last? 

Provide an honest answer (for example, it is a 2-year course/it is a 5-year program).

10. How will doing this course benefit you? 

If you have done your study into the course’s scope, the case officer wants to know. List briefly your motivations for choosing the course and how you will need it to advance your job opportunities.

11. When will the course begin? 

Provide an honest answer as the information can be verified.

12. How much does your course cost? 

Provide an accurate figure of the total cost of the course.

13. How will you be paying for the course? 

Provide a truthful answer as you could be asked follow-up questions (for example, I am taking a loan/I will be self-financing my course).

14. Where did you complete your education prior to applying in Australia? 

This question is to verify the information as provided in the visa application form. Provide information on your academic qualifications as well as the university/school you studied in.

15. What subjects did you take in your undergraduate/graduate field of study? 

The case officer is attempting to create a link to your present course through this question. Provide accurate details of your subjects and field of study.

16. What was your specialization in your undergraduate/graduate course? 

Provide a brief description of your specialization.

17. I see that your current course is in a completely different field. Why is that? 

The case officer is curious as to why the field or subject was changed. Make sure you are articulate and truthful as you explain the shift in field or subject in a straightforward and succinct manner.

18. How many universities did you apply to? 

For this question, provide the information as requested, listing the universities you applied to in Australia.

19. How many universities did you receive admission/offer letters  from? 

Provide an honest answer to this question as the information can be verified by the case officer.

20. Why have you chosen a particular university? 

For this question, the case officer wants to know the reason behind your university choice. Provide a response that explains your choice and back it up with verifiable facts.

21. Could you tell me a little about the university you have chosen? 

The case officer is checking to see if you have done your research regarding the university, which is an indicator of your interest in pursuing the course. Prepare an answer that mentions salient features of the university as well as what personally appealed to you.

22. How did you find out about this university and its courses? 

Through this question, the case officer is attempting to verify the information already provided. Frame a response that is truthful and puts across how you found out about the institution (for example, a friend is currently studying and told me about it/I was researching courses teaching my chosen subject etc.).

23. Where is the university/college located? 

The case officer is determining your level of interest in the course and whether you have done any research on the university through this inquiry. Give a succinct description of the area and any other information you learned while conducting your investigation. Your reaction should be succinct and direct.

24. Why is your TOEFL/IELTS score so low? 

Provide an honest answer to this question. List the reasons you believe brought down your score and emphasize that you have worked at improving at them.

25. Could you tell me a little about your family background? 

The case officer is verifying information provided in the visa application form through this question. Your response should contain a brief introduction of your immediate family only.

68. How many siblings do you have? 

Provide an answer to this question as appropriate.

27. What do your siblings do? Do they live with you? 

Provide a brief description of your siblings’ current occupations. Ensure your responses are brief and to the point. Answer in the affirmative or negative to the latter part of the question (for example, yes we live together/no, they are married and live elsewhere/are currently abroad etc.).

28. What do your parents do for a living? 

Provide an accurate and honest answer to this question, ensuring your response explains your parents’ occupations in brief.

29. How much does your father earn annually? 

Provide an accurate estimate of your father’s salary/earnings. Ensure you are truthful as the information can be verified.

30. Have any of your relatives/siblings studied at this university? 

Provide an answer as appropriate to this question (yes/no). If yes, provide some information on the same. .

31. Who is sponsoring your education and stay in Australia? 

Provide an appropriate and verifiable response to this question (for example, my father/parents/ a relative is sponsoring my education and stay).

32. How many people are financially dependent on your sponsor? 

The case officer wants to know how many other people are financially dependent on your sponsor because this could limit their capacity to continue paying for your education and allowing you to remain in Australia. Give the required details and evidence to show that your sponsor can cover all of your financial demands during your stay in Australia.

33. What are your sponsor’s sources of income? 

Provide an accurate response to this question, listing the various sources of revenue your sponsor has (for example, runs a family business/is self-employed/owns property etc.).

34. Do you have proof that your sponsor can bear the cost of your expenses in Australia? 

Answer as appropriate and provide documents to support your statement (for example, bank account statements).

35. Why is your uncle/brother/other relative sponsoring you instead your parents? 

Provide an honest and accurate reason for why the particular individual is sponsoring your education and stay in Australia. Ensure your response is not too long and do not provide unnecessary details.

36. How are you related to your sponsor? 

Provide an accurate and concise response to this question. Ensure you are clear and do not provide unnecessary details in cases where the sponsor is not an immediate family member.

37. How will you finance your living expenses during the course of your study in Australia? 

Provide a verifiable response to this question, providing documentary proof if available (such as bank statements, loan documents or any other as required).

38. What are your plans on completion of your degree/course of study in Australia? 

Your case officer wants to determine if you have a clear future plan and whether it includes staying in Australia by asking you this question. Provide a response indicating your strong intention to return to your native country after completing your degree or course of study, as your visa does not allow for this.

39. What are your job prospects on completion of your chosen course of study? 

Through this question, the case officer wants to know if your course will result in immediate gainful employment. Provide a verifiable response indicating your prospects in brief.

40. What will you do on returning to your home country? 

Provide an honest response to this question which highlights how your recently completed course will aid you in the pursuit of your goals.

41. How can you prove you will return to your home country after completing your course of study in Australia? 

For this question, the case officer is expecting proof of your intention to return and not continue to reside or seek employment in Australia, which is in violation of your visa. Provide strong evidence indicating your desire or need to return to your home country.

42. Do you intend to work in Australia during or immediately after the completion of your course 

By asking you this question, the case officer is trying to determine whether you intend to work while you study (up to 24 hours per week is allowed) or stay in Australia after the end of your course, both of which would be against the terms of your visa. Give a sincere response and indicate that you’ll be going back to your native country to look for work. Indicate if you plan to work while taking the course.

43. Have you visited Australia before? 

Provide an answer as appropriate. If yes, mention the reason for trip (business/vacation) and the year of the visit.

44. Will you be going home during the semester breaks? 

Provide a truthful answer (yes/no/I don’t know yet).

45. Why should you be granted a student visa? 

Give a brief but well-thought-out answer to this query. Create a list of arguments in your favor that show why a student visa should be granted to you and how it will benefit both the college or university and you (for instance, in the form of research done during your term). Examples of possible interview questions for an Australian student visa are shown above. Depending on each situation, the actual questions asked might be modifications of those mentioned above or they might be different. It should be remembered that the responses given must, to the greatest extent feasible, be truthful and verifiable.