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Master Class on SAT/GRE/GMAT – A First In Nepal

16th, 23rd & 31st January 2021 at 3 pm

AIP Education, Block B, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

For the first time in Nepal, AIP Education will be holding Master Classes for SAT, GMAT, and GRE.

There are many students who aspire to go to the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and various other countries for further education.

As a standard admission procedure, many colleges and universities seek scores on the SAT, GMAT, and GRE examinations to judge the eligibility of the students.

What has been noticed in the previous days is that a lot of students do join SAT, GMAT, and GRE classes but are unaware of what to expect in the classroom.

AIP Education has taken this initiative to conduct Master Classes on SAT, GMAT, and GRE so that any student who so desires to pursue any of the three aforementioned courses has a clear idea about the exam.

Our teachers, Mr. Sunil Kumar Prasad (Verbal Instructor) and Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh (Quantitative Instructor) will be conducting the Master Classes.

The Master Classes have been planned in a manner whereby students will get the opportunity to ask our teachers any query regarding the SAT, GMAT, and GRE courses.

It is an opportunity for students to be thoroughly aware of the said examinations and get a feel of what to expect once they join the classes.

The dates and timing for the Master Classes have been listed below:

SAT: 16th January 2021 (3 p.m. onwards)
GMAT: 23rd January 2021 (3 p.m. onwards)
GRE: 30th January 2021 (3 p.m. onwards)

All three Master Classes will be held at AIP Education which is centrally located in New Baneshwor.

Interested students can join any of the Master Classes by filling up the online form or personally visiting
our office.