Best Education consultancy in Nepal for IELTS,PTE and SAT Preparation: AIP - AIP Education

AIP Education is the leading education consultancy for students looking to prepare for IELTS, PTE, and SAT exams. With a team of experienced and certified trainers, AIP provides comprehensive and personalized training programs to help students achieve their desired scores.

Their innovative teaching methods and use of latest technology have consistently delivered outstanding results, making AIP the top choice for students looking to improve their English language proficiency. With a focus on individual attention, AIP ensures that each student receives personalized support and guidance throughout their preparation journey.

In addition to offering top-notch training, AIP also provides comprehensive resources and materials to help students succeed. From mock tests and practice exams to study materials and tips, AIP provides everything students need to feel confident and prepared on exam day.

Revised IELTS FEE from 1st jan 2023

ExamOld Fee (NPR)New Fee (NPR)
IELTS (Paper based)25,30027,100
IELTS (Computer Delivered)23,65025,300
Life Skills19,60021,000
Updated 1st Jan 2023 AIP Education.

Choose AIP Education for the best chance of success on your IELTS, PTE, or SAT exam. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to student success make them the top education consultancy in the industry.Regenerate response

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